An Open Letter To General Min Aung Hlaing

Riot police block a street as protesters gather for a demonstration against the military coup in Yangon on Feb. 6, 2021. (Ye Aung Thu/afp/AFP via Getty Images)

There is only one way this can end without bloodshed, but you won’t hear it if you won’t listen. While the whole world is protesting and pressuring you, I’m going to try and reason with you. After all, you are so used to weathering out criticism, and I have hoped that perhaps empathy will have a different effect on you.

I’ll start with a quick tale of two young women. One of them is from Myanmar and called Mi Cho. The other is a Sri Lankan girl named Chanethi. Just a few…

The thing with Magic in real life is that it can only happen when there are no witnesses, and all evidence capturing methods are absent, save for storytelling. It happened one late morning, the day after my 37th birthday. I will not mention the exact time. As a researcher, I know too well that such precisions are, in reality, vague at best.

About a week ago, we had to switch your formula, and your Mum has had to go on a lactose-free diet because we figured out that you don’t tolerate cow’s milk protein very well. …

Ko Kyaw Myo Hlaing as Dathaghiri

My grandmother’s name is Daw Myint Myint Sein. Most people know her as Amy Po Sein, the youngest daughter of the “Great” Po Sein, a man who is said to be the father of Burmese theatre. She too is a signer and a dancer and has spent her whole life in the world of creatives. She was born into the most turbulent time in the history of Burma. In her lifetime, she faced colonialism by the British, invasion and occupation by the Japanese in WWII, the rise of the Burmese nationalists afterwards, and the following crack-down and brutal repression by…

Everything about this pizza is just wrong

“Everything about this pizza is just wrong,” I thought to myself, while I was having lunch by myself. It cost me $3.20 for a slice. I got it from the small bakery across Coles, near the train station. The one run by the little old Asian lady. I think she told me once that she moved here from Malaysia a long time ago.

Once, when I first started working in Caulfield, I asked her if she knew how to make bagels. She said yes, but I have to pre-order them. So I did, and she told me to come by…

Nyein C. Aung

I am an Industrial Design PhD candidate and lecturer at Monash University. My research is in aerospace design with a focus on passenger health and cabin design.

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